by the Forensic Expert Witnesses:

Forensic  Discovery  and  Expert  Witness  Testimony  in  Meteorology,  Climatology,  and  Hydrology,

Quality  Controlled  GIS-Capable  Environmental  Data, plus  Expert Data Analysis,  Mapping,  Graphing,

Tabulation,  Weather  Satellite  and  Radar  Animation,   and   Preparation   of    Exhibits  for  Court    Trials.


Scientific  and  engineering  research &  studies  in  meteorology, climatology,  hydrology, & geology.


by American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC:

Special  Weather  Forecasts  to  Film  Production,  Media  Events,  Construction, Roofing, Agriculture,

Wineries,  and  Other  Clients.  plus  Seasonal  and  Multi-Seasonal  Weather  Outlooks,  World-Wide.

all by

Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D.,  Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc.,  Lawrence D. Bregman, M.S., 

Ilya Neyman, M.A., and Philip K. Barone, B.A., plus Other Forensic Science Experts.




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Forensic Discovery and Expert Testimony:

Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D. and his Forensic Science Experts specialize in providing Forensic Discovery and Expert Witness Testimony, plus top Quality-Controlled, Expert-Analyzed, Graphed, Mapped, and Computer-Animated GIS-Capable Environmental Data, to the legal profession and the insurance industry, along with Court Trial Exhibits, including Power Point presentations.  We offer expert witness services to a wide variety of civil litigation, insurance claims, and criminal cases. 

Our fields of expertise include meteorology, hydrology, climatology, environmental science, geology, geotechnical engineering, entomology, and other science and engineering disciplines.

Some of our specific expert witness services include:

  • Black ice or dew -- on asphalt, concrete, grass, and other surfaces * / sun glare / weather conditions / meteorology / haze / sun angle, sunset, sunrise, civil twilight, cloud cover, moonrise, moonset, moon phase, and lunar illumination. *Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc. of The Forensic Science Experts is THE foremost expert on the topic of ice and dew -- or lack thereof -- on asphalt, concrete, grass, glass, metal, and other surfaces.

  • Evaporation / evapotranspiration / sublimation / melting  from reservoirs, lakes (liquid or frozen), farmland (dry, wet, or snow-covered), crops, forests, athletic fields, lawns, tennis courts, swimming pools, roads, sidewalks, and parking lots (dry, wet, snow-covered, or icy),  rooftops, vehicles, and many other surfaces.

  • Heavy rain, strong wind, dense fog, severe blowing dust / sand, dust devils, snow, hail, lightning. 

  • Wind-blown pesticides, causing downwind crop damage or livestock loss.

  • Hydrology / floods / mudflows, water intrusion, water regulation, plus groundwater issues, and avalanches. 

  • Environmental science, including soil and water sampling and testing for toxic chemicals, algae, oil, pesticides, sewage, and other foreign substances.

  • Geology / geotechnical engineering / soil strength / seismology.

  • Entomology / termites, bedbugs, bees, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, larvae, rodents / pest control.

  • Other sciences and engineering.

For more details, click on the Forensic box at the top of this page [then click on a heading to view specific topics].    

Most of our Forensic Science Experts have earned advanced degrees  (Ph.D., M.Sc., MS  MA, and others).   Some have recognized certifications (PE, SE, CCM, PH, BCE, etc.). 

Each of our scientific and engineering experts can testify anywhere in the U.S. and in selected other countries.

Our principal experts are listed on our About Us page.  Click on the About Us box at the top of this page. 


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Call (888) 786-7696 to discuss your specific needs for expert witnesses and expert data analysis in your civil litigation, criminal cases, and insurance claims.   

GIS-Capable Meteorological, Hydrologic, and Environmental Data, plus Expert Data Analysis, Mapping, Graphing, Animation, and Presentation of Court Trial Exhibits:

Along with Forensic Discovery and Expert Witness Testimony, we provide:

  • Certified weather data and Storm Data,  

  • obtained from the National Climatic Data Center of  NOAA.
  • Authentic sun, twilight, moon, and astronomical data,  

  • provided by the U.S. Naval Observatory, THE authority on all such information. 
  • A multi-petabyte (multi-million-gigabyte) base of detailed, quality controlled geophysical and other environmental data that are GIS (Geographic Information System) capable, and consisting of:

    • Weather, evapotranspiration, sublimation, and hydrologic data from more than 100,000 environmental and other geophysical data sensing stations across the U.S., plus tens of thousands more worldwide.

    • Satellite imagery coverage as far back as 1979, with some imagery available back to 1965.

    • Weather radar data coverage from 1988 to the present.

    • Weather station data coverage dating back to 1948.

    • Thorough quality control of all data.  Rejection all questionable data.

    • Expert Data Analysis, along with: 

    • Pinpoint data interpolation to specific locations.  

    • Interpretation of anecdotal evidence of environmental conditions

    • High-resolution data graphing, tabulation, mapping.  and animation.  

    • Ultra-high-resolution Google Earth photographs of pertinent locations.

    • Preparation of exhibits, consisting of graphs, tables, charts, and maps. 

  • Consultation with attorneys and other experts.

  • Visits to sites of accidents, crimes, floods, fires, wind damage, etc. 

  • Scientific investigation of evidence.

  • Preparation of reports, tables, graphs, maps, & other exhibits, as requested.

  • Power Point presentations for courtroom projection and jury viewing.


For details of these expert data services, go to our  Data Services  page.  

Click on a blue-underscored topic (expert analysis, interpolation, or

mapping / graphing / tabulation). 



Scientific and engineering research and studies in meteorology, hydrology, geology, air quality entomology, and other sciences and engineering.

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Weather Forecasts and Seasonal Weather Outlooks, Weather Alerts, Warnings, and Certified Observers:

    Provided by American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC.

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  • Film Production and Special Media Event Weather Forecasts.

  • Customized Weather Forecasts for Roofing and Construction Industries.

  • Special Forecasts for Large Environmental Projects World-Wide.

  • Special Forecasts for Mega-Construction Projects World-Wide.

  • Seasonal, Multi-Seasonal, and Multi-Year Weather Outlooks. 

  • Weather Alerts and Warnings.

  • Certified Weather Observers for Filming, Special Events, and Insurance. 


Provided by Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.

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    • Environmental Impact Statements and Reports World-Wide.

    • Environmental Site Assessments World-Wide.

    • Environmental Feasibility Studies World-Wide.

    • Environmental Planning Programs World-Wide.

    • Latest Technology Scientific Instruments World-Wide.

    • Climate Change Modeling World-Wide.

    • Thermo-Haline Ocean Circulation Modeling World-Wide.

    • Natural Resources Conservation Programs World-Wide.


    • Small Stream Hydroelectric Energy Development World-Wide.

    • Ocean Wave, Ocean Current, and Tidal, Energy Development World-Wide.

    • New-Technology, High-Efficiency Solar Panels.

    • Geothermal Energy Generation World-Wide.

    • Local Wind Turbines.  Wind Farm Site Evaluation World-Wide.

    • Environmental Site Assessments for Renewable Energy Projects


    • Evaportanspiration Monitoring, Modeling, and Projections World-Wide.

    • Sublimation / Melting Monitoring, Modeling, and Projections World-Wide.

    • Ocean Water Desalination World-Wide.

    • Salty Inland Lake Water Desalination World-Wide.

    • Stochastic Watershed Modeling World-Wide.

    • Soil and Water Sampling & Testing for Turbidity and Algae.

    • Soil and Water Sampling & Testing for Pollution by Foreign Substances.

    • Water Resources and Water Supply Management World-Wide.

    • Water Budget Management World-Wide.

    • Flood Control and Flood Plain Management World-Wide.

    • Environmental Monitoring Systems World-Wide.

    • Remote-Reading Flood Warning Systems World-Wide.


    • GIS-Capable Data from a 1-Million Gigabyte-Plus Data Base.

    • Expert Data Analysis, Interpolation, Graphing, Mapping, and Animation

    • Presentation of Data Graphs, Maps, and Animation at Meetings and Trials.


    • Forensic Discovery and Expert Witness Testimony in Depositions and Trials.

    • Preparation of Power Point Exhibits for Depositions and Court Trials.


    • Certified Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Training.

    • Training Programs for Evapotranspiration Modeling.

    • Training Programs for Soil and Water Quality Sampling.

    • Online Scientific Seminars, Classes, and Courses.

    • Internet, Television, and DVD Science Documentaries.

    • Educational Films, Videos, Manual, and DVDs on Scientific Topics.

    • Public Lectures and The Visiting Science Professor program.

    • Newest Technology Scientific Textbooks and Laboratory Manuals.

    • Establishment of New Educational Programs and Institutions World-Wide.


    • Research into Water and Air Pollution Issues World-Wide.

    • Environmental  Research & Development and Studies. World-Wide.

    • Green Energy Research & Development and Studies World-Wide.

    • Endangered Species Research and Studies World-Wide.

    • Climate Studies for Environmental Projects World-Wide.

    • Research into Air Quality Problems in China, India, and Elsewhere.

    • Research into Water Quality Problems in China, India, and Elsewhere.

    • Research and Studies in Meteorology, Geology, and Other Sciences

    • Evapotranspiration and Sublimation Research and Studies World-Wide.

    • Frequency Analysis of Evapotranspiration and Sublimation World-Wide.

    • Research into Soil and Water Turbidity, Algae, and Pollution World-Wide.

    • Research in Water Resources and Water Supply Issues World-Wide.

    • Research in Hydrology and Hydrologic Engineering World-Wide.

    • Studies of Water Supply, Drought and Desalination Feasibility World-Wide.

    • Renewal Energy Research and Studies World-Wide.

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